株式会社 リールビジョン
(Email) mailto@reelvision.jp
設立: 2009年10月13日
Founded: October 13, 2009
代表取締役: 山口 正憲
President: Masanori Yamaguchi
事業内容: CM / プロモーションビデオ / 映画オープニング映像 / イベント映像等の企画・演出・制作
Business Fields: Commercials, promotional videos, planning and production of CG images for animated films, movies and events.

Corporate Philosophy 


REELVISION is a Motion Graphic studio based in Tokyo, JAPAN, providing graphic design, visual art, and Sound PA.
In the midst of rapid technological change and diversification of values, the entertainment industry and advertising media is evolving by the day. REELVISION is acutely aware of these changes and creates dynamic works reflecting multiple viewpoints on the diversification of values and emergence of individual consciousness.


REELVISION plans, produces and distributes artworks, based on our wealth of experience and expertise.

 CG / MotionGraphics

CGやモーショングラフィックスの制作、合成システム等を用いた映像編集。TV CMやミュージックビデオ、映画等のオープニングタイトル、企業プロモーション、展示用映像等の様々な用途に合わせ、ハイクオリティーで映像美あふれる作品を制作致します。企画の段階から、クライアント様との密なコミュニケーションを図り、最も効率的で効果的な制作プロセスご提案致します。
REELVISION is devoted to planning and producing high-quality TV commercials, music videos, movie trailers, and company promotion videos with the use of computer-generated (CG) images and tools. We offer the most efficient and effective process of planning. From the planning stages, we are confident that we will meet the clients’ expectations.


REELVISION focus on our client's needs.REELVISION provides the best quality design services; including CD jacket design, CD art work, T-shirt and Poster Design by fully utilizing digital media resources and broadening the diverse range of fields.


REELVISION caters staging services.Staging services include sound system, lighting and projector rentals, and operational services for a variety of events such as the production of concerts, club events and fashion shows.Having produced numerous successful events and working with various artists, these experiences have proven to be effective, creative and memorable.


弊社と交流のある様々なジャンルのアーティスト(音楽、写真、グラフィックデザイン、CG等)を、作品の必要性に応じてプロジェクト参加をマネージメント致します。独創性、作家性の高いアーティストとの共同作業によって生まれる相乗効果により、作品を更に高い次元に高める事が出来ます。REELVISION supports and coordinates Talent-related efforts across all various artists(Musicians, Photographers, Graphic Design, CG Artists).